desire_curves (desire_curves) wrote in crossdressing,

Girlish Boy

Dear all,
i am a 19 yrs old boy who looks like a girl. and i ove dressing as girl.
i have features which are girlish. I have not grown beard yet so my face is cute and i dont need shaving. i am thin built and they say i walk like a girl. Only thing my boobs are small as a girl but big a a boys. in fact my breasts enlarged since 15 yrs age thoughl little bit.. Many of my freinds make fun of this. Last time i was dressed as a girl in the school drama and i almost passed a s a girl. i felt really great when i put on those padded B cup bra. eversince i feel like becoming a girl. I want to dress as a girl but i dont hav my garments. i live with my family so its difficult.
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