My First Time Crossdressing

The first time I Crossdressed as a woman was actually when I was about 18 for halloween I did the whole thing short slinky mini dress curly black wig makeup lipstick hose and heels I even shaved my legs and arms everything. I went to a party and everyone thought I looked great this was years ago when I was a lot skinnier. I even had a few guys hitting on me and wanting to slow dance with me. Which I did with a couple of them and they were grabbing my ass and squeezing my cheeks and I was getting very turned on by it all. Anyways I had a few drinks, actually more than a few and I decided to leave. Well naturally, I got stopped by a cop on the way home about 2 in the morning. I thought oh my god I'm going to jail for D.U.I. dressed as a woman.

The cop had me get out of the car and do a sobriety test in "HEELS".
Well naturally I failed, the cop said looks like I'm gonna have to take you in. I was scared shitless, I begged him please don't, I won't last 5 minutes in jail dressed like this. Then he said well maybe we can work this out and he walked me over to his cruiser and sat me in the front seat so that I was faceing out the door then he stood in front of me and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and told me if I gave him a BJ he would let me go.

I had never gave a BJ before and was so scared yet turned on at the same time. So with out much resistance I grabbed his cock which was probably about 6 inches and I could feel his hard hot shaft pulsating in my hand. He looked down at me and said kiss it, I leaned in and kissed the head of his dick and then he told me to lick his shaft and I did as he said. Then he grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed his cock in my mouth and slowly face fucked me until he came in my mouth, most of which I swallowed while a little bit had oozed out the side of my mouth and then he made me lick his cock clean and suck out every drop until he was soft. He said thanks for the great blowjob, as he put his cock back in his pants and zipped up his fly and told me to drive safe and let me go. I was so thankful , I got in my car and drove home and never told anyone until now about that story. BTW I am still a Crossdresser to this day
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Friendship Is Magic!

So the con season has started up again, and of course that means new costumes!

I've been putting this one together since September, I think. Took quite a while to find all the bits I wanted, but I knew that I had to have a My Little Pony costume. To that end, may I present Twilight Sparkle :)

twilight-sparkle-considers full-length-twilight

I'm very happy with how this turned out, and am probably going to be wearing it often this year - except maybe to the cons where it's 100 degrees Fahrenheit all weekend. I've never worn a corset this right before, and while I'm happy with the look, I don't know what kind of staying power I've got with it!

Kagami relaxes

My first new outfit in quite a while - not even shiny!

If you know anime, this is me as Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky*Star. If you don't, then this is just me in a purple wig and cheerleader dress.


It went over great at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2012, I got asked for many pictures and hugs. There's a cheer routine the character does in the last episode; I may have to learn it, since I got asked for it over and over!
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Anyone have pointers on dehairing legs? I've naired, shaved, got an epilator, tried home wax all only moderatly satifactory results. Is there anyway to get more than a day or two of smooth?
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The return of Alice

Since I said I would a couple of post ago, here's my latest outfit. I love Halloween... I can run around like this in public and it's almost 100% appropriate.

Alice Halloween 2011

I commissioned this to replace my previous PVC Alice dress, which I literally wore out over the last year (the last appearance was at a Norfolk Pride event). I wore this to accompany one of my housemates when he took his young daughter out trick-or-treating; I was offered as much candy as she was! Darn self-restraint...

Photo Open Call! I AM: Trans People Speak COMMUNITY

HI There,

My name is Jesse and I work with the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC). At MTPC I have been working on a multi-media project called I AM: Trans People Speak that highlights the lived experience of trans people in Mass.

We are launching a new phase of this project In February where anyone can create their own video to submit, much like the it gets better project.

Yesterday we just started our OPEN CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHS from anyone in the trans community and you can find the "official" open call on our facebook page:

Hope to see some of you submit your photos!

Since it's quiet

Well we know people are still out there and I have to say Lurking on a group that people haven't talked on in months is probably boring as hell so why don't we all do a little Q&A.

I'll start:

What in crossdressing do you do and why?
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