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The Gender Trust
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Jan. 8th, 2011 @ 03:28 am Dating Another Crossdresser?
I was shocked to see hear there are so many women here that have trials and tribulations about dressing as a man. That train of thought went from station to station until it finally pulled up to one wild concept. Could any of you guys see yourselves dating a crossdresser of the opposite sex? if so, how would you act? Some things such as opening doors, paying for meals and leading while dancing are expected of guys. Would this still happen or would you reverse roles?

I personally like the idea of reversing roles. I'm almost always the one doing the wooing and the work so it would be a very nice change of pace to be, "on the other side of the fence," so to speak. However, I'm not sure I could keep it up as some things expected of males are ingrained in my psyche.

One thing's for sure though! If yo want to get into my panties, I expect no less than dinner and a movie first!
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Indigoth 01
Dec. 23rd, 2010 @ 09:07 pm Relationship Woes
I've always been most attracted to one particular type of girl: the cute ones. However, I've never been able to keep one for longer than 2 years. A friend of mine recently suggested that they may be wrong for me as cute girls often want manly men and I fall very far from that category. There's also the fact that many women feel their femininity is threatened by crossdressing men. I thought that was total BS until I kept experiencing it over and over again.

Upon further reflection, I've noticed that, when I tell women interested in me about my unusual hobby, their reactions are very polar. While most completely stop talking to me at that point, there are a handful that get turned on way too much by it. To give you an example, I didn't know what "pegging" was until I met one such individual. Neither did I know that strap-ons had so many interesting "features".

I'm curious about how the rest of you fair in relationships or the beginnings of one when the other finds out about your interest. I'm hoping there are some stories with happy endings as I have yet to have one.
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Indigoth 01
Dec. 20th, 2010 @ 10:34 pm How Exactly Do You Do This?
Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed
Hey. I'm the new guy. I usually go by Crossplay but that was taken already. I'm 31 and just started crossdressing last year. I've only been out of the house 3 times like that though. One of those times was PAX Prime this year so, if you were there and saw a tall, black man in a Gothic Lolita dress, that was me. While I am a tomgirl, I don't want to be a girl so I feel no need for a feminine name or mannerisms. I merely wish to be cute and crossdressing is one of my outlets for it. I don't know what else to say so hi and thanks for having me.
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Indigoth 01
Dec. 14th, 2010 @ 11:47 pm Universal Bunnies
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
I've had a bit of a LiveJournal vacation, but I'm back, and I have a new convention pic!

Recently I've been watching the Macross Frontier anime, and when a friend with a Ranka Lee costume joked I should play Sheryl Nome, I didn't take it seriously. At first, anyway... uh oh. Yeah, it was starting to sound like too much fun; so I attended NekoCon in Hampton Roads as idol singer Sheryl, with upcoming pop star Ranka, and Zentraedi warrior Klan Klang!

Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, and Klan Klang from Macross Frontier

We had a great time, and the costumes were very popular. I had one photographer running across the lobby shouting my name to get a picture. While I won't say I passed, I do think I've never come closer to passing, and I'm really pleased I went with it.

My beard is back now, though. I couldn't lose it for long.
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Nov. 7th, 2010 @ 09:25 pm Hi, i'm new
Hi all,

So...i don't quite know how to introduce myself. I'm 25, female, and i've always enjoyed "playing" a male—taking male theatre roles, singing tenor in choir, dressing as male characters for Halloween, that sort of thing. Recently i went to a convention to hear a friend give a talk and incidentally got bitten by the cosplay bug. It's...a "safe space" for me to explore my masculine side of myself, i think. I don't feel like i'm transgender, exactly; i see myself as a female and am more or less happy with that state of affairs, but... I don't know; i have days when i "feel" male, and when that happens i want to express my identity as male. I've only recently been able to articulate this to anyone, and i've only started experimenting with dressing masculine-ly in the past few days. I haven't tried "passing" as a male, and don't know that i want to... I don't know; i'm still a little confused. So, anyway...hi.
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Casanova—i don't conquer
Nov. 6th, 2010 @ 12:07 am Halloween 2010

20101031na0pdsp+e4x6 Hef and her bunnies. With the gender of the costumes reversed, but not the people, and relative sizes being similarly incorrect, we created a striking "double take" effect. (I'm the guy on the left; credit for the concept goes to the guy on the right.) A zillion people took our picture downtown, but I can't seem to find any. 8'^(

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 @ 11:21 pm hope you all had a good halloween =)
Well it's been awhile since I've posted in this community! Well I haven't done much of crossdressing in the last year or so, but my self-expression shows all the time in my daily makeup and overall femmy-ness. People still mistaken me for a lady. For me, crossdressing is still a great exciting thing but I'm doing it a little different now. I want to be a lot more creative and artsy with it - I love incorporating artsyness. I don't like wearing fake boobs anymore, I don't care if it makes me less "passable" or something, but I've come to realize that sometime's it's a hassle for me and that it's the "touch" that makes me a girl or something. Well, I don't think fake boobs are necessary for me to express and explore my feminine side, so I've just dropped it. The downside? Certain tops don't really work out that well, but that's where you can get creative right? Like using accessories and elegant tops that flatter rather than having boobs to compliment. Hopefully that makes sense =)

So I didn't do much for Halloween itself, but the day before, my commercial photography class (or some people from it) got together at the college studio to do a Halloween shoot and GOODNESS was it fun! A majority of the pictures were of me, even if I was only there for the least time (1.5 hours, I had to go to work afterwards T_T), and everyone's shots were great. I really wished I hadn't worked that night, otherwise I could have had more shots with the others in costume and I would have had much more shots than the great many I already had haha. I hope opportunities for studio shoots like this come up in the future, I'm more than willing! So yeah, it was great while it lasted, and it made me really think about doing model work like it kinda, I guess. It sparked something, I can say that for sure. The first three pics here show the "rough" costume, then the full studio shots were the real "costume." I'm open for interpretation as I use somewhat as a motto now, but I'm some gothic S&M handcuff fetish whore. I <3 handcuffs hehe. I don't have a lot of images converted from the Raw files so I've only got a few here to post. I'll post more if people are interested in seeing more, I'm more than willing to share =) I'll have a lot more pics next week probably!

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A Star!
Nov. 2nd, 2010 @ 05:27 am a few new pics
I went out shopping Saturday night and took some photos. Most didn't turn out well but these three are acceptable.
in the mirrorCollapse )
In retrospect, I should've moved the clothes that someone else left behind in that dressing room out of there, they were just in the way. It's just as well, the mall was going to close at 9pm and I barely made it to Victoria's Secret. I thought the mall would be open until 10pm. I'm not really wearing a costume either, this was on the 30th after all...
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Jul. 18th, 2010 @ 09:44 pm CorsetStyles.com

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Jun. 30th, 2010 @ 04:06 am new pics
After I made a video with my new floral print dress, I took some pictures and tried some different poses, some didn't look good but these pictures were the best.
new dressCollapse )
I have more pictures but some poses weren't very good, though I think I'm getting more creative with poses. The dress may be too big but I tried smaller ones and they couldn't even remotely fit me (and weren't made to fit a male body anyway).
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