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intr.v. cross-·dressed, cross-·dress·ing, cross-·dress·es
To dress in the clothing characteristic of the opposite sex.
cross-dresser n.
cross-dressing n.

Intended Community Audience

This community is intended for all genders who enjoy dressing in clothing which is stereotypically not accepted by society to be suitable or acceptable for that sex to wear. People who cross-dress.

I started this community because I could not find an existing LiveJournal community which already addressed specifically this topic, and only this topic. Often cross-dressing is automatically associated with transsexuals and gay/lesbians, leaving the cross-dressing discussion to get somewhat lost or diluted. While everyone is welcome to join and participate in this community, please be aware that the topic is cross-dressing, and not transgender or sexuality issues.

Community Guidelines

  • To report abusive posts, please send Sarah an email ( CDComplaints@untamed.co.uk ) containing links to the offensive material.
  • This community is for general discussion, question and answers and chat about cross-dressing. Please keep discussion and questions limited or closely related to this topic.
  • Please put lengthy posts, and images larger than 400 pixels behind an <lj-cut> tag.
  • Questionnaire results should not be posted here.
  • Polls are acceptable as long as they are relevant to the community. If they are lengthy then please put them behind an lj-cut.
  • Advertising of other communities is acceptable, only if the community is related to cross-dressing. Only one advert is permitted per user and community.
  • Please respect other people's views and opinions. Many people participating in this community will suffer prejudice from ignorant or narrow-minded people in real life already; they don't need the same here!
  • Posting pictures is acceptable, as long as they are related to cross-dressing. Please do not post pornographic or nude photos. Tasteful underwear photos are acceptable, but please use your common sense.

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    This community is friends-only so you're going to have to join in order to post articles.

    If you have a common question then it is probably a good idea to check in the community memories before asking the question again. Although the community is only just getting started, I'm sure we'll save lots of useful information over time.

    crossdressing was founded by lovesodivine
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